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Top 5 Solid Steel Glass Set For Your Kitchen

by Hemant Jain

Even children know that you must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It’s something every dietician and doctor will tell you to do. But, did you know that choosing the right vessel to drink water is as important as drinking enough water. There are many options available today but your best choice is a steel glass. Today, these glasses aren’t found only in your grandmom’s kitchen, they’re popular amongst the millennial youth too. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should use a steel glass for water and the must have steel glass sets.

Why Do You Need A Steel Glass Set?

Firstly, stainless steel is an inert metal that does not react with anything.  It does not erode and will not leech any harmful chemicals into the water. There’s no risk of rust or corrosion. Whether you’re drinking water, juice or milk, you know what you’re consuming is safe.

The glasses are easy to maintain too. You can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. Unlike plastic, there’s no risk of the surface dulling with age and unlike glass tumblers, there’s no risk of it cracking or breaking if it falls. You can let children hold their own glass and drink independently without any fear.

The steel glass price may be higher than that of a plastic glass but the long term costs are much lower. These glasses are much more durable and not prone to breaking or chipping off. They don’t scratch easily either. Thus, your steel glasses will look good and be usable for much longer than a set of plastic glasses or glass tumblers.

Steel glasses are not only good for you, they’re good for the environment too. Since the set is so durable, you don’t need to buy new glasses every year. It is also a fully recyclable metal. When you do get fed up of using the same glass and want something new, you can sell the old glasses as scrap from where it will be reused or recycled.

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How to Buy Steel Glass Set

So, now that we’ve covered the benefits of using a steel glass, let’s look at the options available to you. Today, when you want to buy a steel glass for water you’ll realize that the design options available are endless. You can find glasses in a range of sizes and finishes. Did you know you can even find a steel glass set with a printed surface?

Best Steel Glass for Drinking Water

The basic need for a glass is to drink water so it makes sense to start out list with the best steel glass for water.

Square Water Glasses


When it comes to daily use, you need something simple yet nice to look at and hold. This steel glass set ticks all the right boxes. With a square shape, these glasses stand out and look different. The minimalistic surface detailing makes them easy to clean and maintain. There are no ridges or folds where dust or germs could collect. These glasses hold up to 270ml and can be used to drink water as well as some lemonade or even your evening tea.

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Copper Lined Steel Glass Set

Another metal that is very good for glassware is copper. Drinking water from a copper glass has many health benefits but copper has a tendency to dent more easily than steel. Hence, the balance benefits and durability, how about a steel glass that has been lined with pure copper! Drinking water from these glasses in the morning can help balance all three doshas and give your body just as much copper as required.

These glasses have a copper lining and lip and an embellished stainless-steel exterior. They’re easy to clean and care for and if it drops from your hand, there’s minimal rick of damage. The subtle design on the steel exterior dresses up the glasses and adds to the beauty of your table setting.

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Tall Steel Glass Design For Lassi/ Milk / Bournvita

When the mercury shows no signs of coming down, only water may not be enough to stay hydrated. On such days a big glass of chilled lassi can help you feel much cooler. Regular glasses may not be able to hold as much of this liquid as you would like. You need a tall glass set. Here are two beautiful options.

Classic Tall Steel Glass Design for Lassi – Lassi Glass

Some deigns stay popular for decades for a reason. Classics like this steel glass set suit all occasions and hold much more than the regular size glass. Each glass can hold up to 670ml of cold lassi. The absence of surface detailing makes these glasses celebrate the natural beauty of steel. A mirror finish and the simple tapered design adds grace to any table. These glasses promise to look good and stay safe for use for decades.

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Shower Finish Tall Steel Glass Design

steel glass set

If you want something a little different, this is a great option. These steel glasses have a slightly different profile as compared to the regular glasses. The taper flares out near the mouth of the glass to give it a different look. A ridge detail near the base paired with a shower finish on the surface adds to the allure of these glasses. They can hold up to 750ml of lassi at a serving.

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Steel Glass Set for Welcoming Guests

Water or fresh juice in a steel glass is the ideal way to greet your guests. Here are two design options to consider.

Printed Steel Glass Set

If you want something really one of its kind, take a look at these printed steel glasses. Featuring an abstract pattern on the glass exterior surface. The vibrant colours give it a modern style appeal while the use of traditional metals makes sure you still experience the benefits of steel.

Like the plain steel glasses, these printed glasses are easy to maintain. The vibrant colours are protected  with an enamel coating that has been hardened in an oven. Available at an attractive steel glass price, you can even present a set of this steel glass for water as a housewarming gift.

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Honda Water Glass

Made from premium food grade steel, these steel glasses look elegant and can be used to serve anything from water to juices. It’s the unique shape and ergonomic design of these glasses that gives them that edge over everything else. They hold up to 250ml of water or juice. The mirror finish gives them a glossy look that complements a traditional or contemporary table setting.

Check these glasses out here

Buying the Right Steel Glass Set

Today, finding steel glass for water is easy and convenient. You don’t have to walk through the entire market looking for shops, you can shop online. Explore the range of short and tall steel glass design options. You can find matt finished steel glasses as well as glasses with a mirror finish. Other surface techniques include embossing and etching. Printed glasses are the latest in steel glass design evolution.

As with the rest of your cookware and serveware, make sure you invest in crockery crafted from high grade steel. Look for stainless steel glasses from a reputed brand. Good quality steel glasses can last for decades so don’t try and save money by buying inferior quality steel.

FAQs On Buying Steel Glass Online

What is a steel glass called?

‘Glass’ is a funny word that means both a drinking vessel and a material. When the vessel is made out of steel, a steel glass may also be called a tumbler. Back in the day, people drank out of animal horns. If they put the horn down, the pointed tip would cause the liquid contents to tumble out – hence, the name, tumbler.

What is steel glass?

A steel glass is a container for drinking made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is a strong, highly durable and inert material that is ideal for serveware and drinkware. You can get a steel glass is many different sizes and designs. From traditional designs that compliment thalis to glasses that suit a modern table setting, you can explore a wide range of designs at coconut.

How much does a steel glass cost?

Steel glass price depends largely on the grade of steel used. The thicker the steel, the heavier the glass and the more expensive it will be. The design and ornamentation will also influence the steel glass price. At Coconut stainless steel, you can get a steel glass set for less than Rs 500 as well as over Rs 1000.

What is stainless steel glass?

A stainless-steel glass is one that is made from an alloy of steel with carbon, nitrogen, nickel, silicon and manganese. The properties of these metals further enhance the strength and durability of steel making it capable of lasting for decades.


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