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Don’t Buy Steel Dinner Set Before Reading This

by Hemant Jain

You will have inherited a steel dinner set from your grandparents if you’re lucky. A steel dinner set isn’t just functional; it holds memories and makes meals homely. But even if you inherited a set, you might want to buy a set yourself to add to the family traditions. 

It is said, you eat first with your eyes and then with your stomach. Food has to look appetizing, and for that, it needs to be served on suitable tableware. Steel plates and bowls have been the preferred tableware choice for decades. 

Ever wondered why steel? There are countless options in the market ranging from delicate china and porcelain to melamine, that come and go with passing trends. But steel has been a constant. Let’s look at the classic steel ka dinner set and its place in today’s world.


Benefits of Eating in A Steel Dinner Set

When you think of steel, durability is the first thing that comes to mind. Steel doesn’t break easily, doesn’t rust, and, when looked after well, will retain its luster for years. A steel dinner set price is comparable to crockery in other materials, but this will last longer. It’s this factor that makes them family heirlooms. A full steel dinner set is often passed down from one generation to another.

Easy to clean, steel looks new even after years. There’s no fear of scratches collecting grime or prints fading away. The natural luster of this metal is easy to maintain.

Types of Steel Dinner Set

You can find a steel dinner set online quite easily today. A glance will show you quite a variation in styles and, correspondingly, wide steel dinner set price range. Both the quality of steel and the design influence the price, and there are three main categories of dinner set steel

Long-lasting Steel Dinner Set

While a steel thali is very difficult to break, it can dent quite easily if made from thin steel (say 24guage or 26guage). A heavy-duty steel dinner set is made from thicker steel (either 22guage/21guagae) and is more durable. When you hold the plates, you’ll feel the difference and when you use it you will observe it is there for generations. We have seen dinner sets given during marriage of daughters being used even by the grand children PROUDLY.

Hammered Finish Steel Dinner Set

Hammering or mathar is a way to add texture to steel, and hammering gives the steel a dimpled effect. In the case of a dinner set, you’ll typically see the design on the walls of the plates, bowls, and glasses. A full dinner set steel with a hammered finish looks traditional yet contemporary – it’s the perfect way to bridge the gap. It’s an owner’s pride and neighbours envy.

Laser Design Steel Dinner Set

Laser engraving is yet another way to enhance the look of steel tableware. If you’re looking for a modern steel ka dinner set, this would be an ideal choice. Laser engraving design can range from geometric patterns to delicate florals, and there’s something to suit every palate. There are companies who can customise this as per your design choices – Isn’t that Interesting!!

Mirror Finish Steel Dinner Set

If you prefer something modern and sleek, look at mirror finish dinner sets. As the name suggests, a mirror finish is about polishing the metal to a degree where it starts reflecting things. Your face will look as clear as if looking at a mirror.  

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Which brand is best for dinner set? 

Buying a branded steel dinner set guarantees quality, and coconut is a trustworthy brand that has built a name for quality and design. 

Which brand is best for steel dinner set? 

When you’re looking for a steel ka dinner set, there’s no need to think twice – invest in a steel dinner set by Coconut.

What does a dinner set consist of? 

A dinner set typically consists of all the crockery you would need to serve a meal for 6-people. It includes full plates, quarter plates, bowls, spoons and forks and glasses. Some dinner sets may also include halwa plates. You can also find an individual dinner set for one person or dinner sets for 4 and 12 table settings.

What is the cost of dinner set?

A good steel ka dinner set price can range from Rs 2,000 to around Rs 7,000. The steel dinner set price variation depends on the thickness of the steel as well as the design and number of pieces included.

Which Steel Dinner Set Is Suitable For My Family

The ideal steel dinner set for your family is based on the number of people and your style preferences.

full dinner set of steel is usually categorized according to the number of pieces they contain. This includes plates, bowls, glasses, etc. the cutlery may or may not be included in this. Here’s a quick guide.

Number of pieces Number of people it serves details
6 pieces 2 2 full plates 2 bowls 2 glasses
8 pieces 2 2 full plates 2 small plates 2 bowls 2 glasses
12 pieces 4 4 full plates 4 bowls 4 glasses
16 pieces 4 4 full plates 4 small plates 4 bowls 4 glasses
18 pieces 6 6 full plates 6 bowls 6 glasses
22 pieces 6 6 full plates 6 small plates 6 bowls 6 glasses
30 pieces 6 6 full plates 6 bowls 6 glasses 12 spoons

After figuring out the number of pieces you need, it’s all about choosing a design style. You can look at plain steel dinner ka sets that celebrate the luster of steel, hammered steel dinner sets, or sets with laser engraving.

Steel Dinner Set For Gifting

A full dinner set of steel is a traditionally favoured wedding gift, and it’s just what a couple needs to start their new married life. And, you can never have too many plates! 

When looking at a steel dinner set for gifting, a set with 6 table settings is ideal. This is something the couple can use every day as well as when they entertain guests. A steel dinner set is also a great gift as a housewarming gift or an anniversary gift.

There are many budget-friendly options for a steel dinner set price. Let’s look at a few options.

A 58-piece steel dinner set

This is a full dinner set steel that has everything needed to lay a beautiful table for a meal. It includes plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery for 6 people as well as three beautiful serving bowls and a water jug. 

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A 30-piece steel dinner set

A steel dinner set is the ideal foundation for family meals. This set with 6 table settings is ideal for a family get together over a good meal. With a polished mirror surface, it’ll make everything you cook look appetizing.

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Return Gift for Kiddie Birthdays 

If you’re thinking of sustainable gifts for kids birthdays, a steel plate set could be the perfect solution. Rather than a complete dinner set, you could get them a plate set for one. It’s a complete set of a plate, bowl, glass and a spoon. Not only is this a healthy way for kids to enjoy their meals, it also gives them a feeling of owning something special to be brought out at every meal. It might even be instrumental in helping them learn to help with clearing up the table after a meal. It comes with nice floral designs which attract kids or cartoon characters.

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Full Steel Dinner Set Ka Comparison 

When it comes to steel dinner sets, there are many options available in the market. They differ not just in terms of design but also in terms of the quality of steel used and the size of their dinner sets. Of course, pricing is another differentiator but this should never be seen as the most important one. So, comparing one steel dinner set against another will not give us actionable insights.

Having a good dinner set is a step towards making meals a family affair. Rather than individual TV dinners, it encourages you to set the table and call everyone together for meals, and it’s the foundation for a family to bond over meals. 

If you’re living on your own, having a steel dinner set encourages you to set aside time for your meals rather than multitask. Working from home doesn’t mean you should be working all the time. Having a good dinner set makes you want to put an effort towards plating your meals properly, sitting at the table and savouring every bite. If you like thali style meals with plenty of side dishes, take a look at the Maharaja[U1]  Bhog thali set.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying a steel dinner set as a gift, you should always prioritize quality over design and price. Over the years Coconut has made a name for itself for the quality of its steel dinner sets and design variations. Choose a set that complements your lifestyle. 

Consumers were looking for trendy and contemporary products for their kitchen but had few choices, with Coconut steel ka dinner sets this void stands filled. Coconut is all set to become the apple of the stainless steel utensils industry.

Look out for enchanting range of cookware, serveware, dinnerware, storage and gifting range of products from the house of Coconut.

Innovation is at the heart of Coconut products. Coconut has a wide variety of young & innovative products, different from the league.

All Coconut products are guaranteed against manufacturing and workmanship defects. The brand is focussed on customer centric products and services.

Explore the Coconut steel dinner set collection here and find a set that you would like to have on your table.


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