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How to choose kitchen storage containers for your kitchen?

by Hemant Jain

“I have enough kitchen storage containers”, said no homeowner ever!

The kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where food gets made and thus, where you need to store all your ingredients. Indian cooking uses a vast variety of ingredients and thus, home cooks are always looking out for new steel storage containers for kitchen. Finding the best kitchen storage containers is not always easy. There are countless options available in the market and picking between them can be challenging. There are different materials like plastic, steel and glass, different designs, different sizes, etc. When it comes to materials, stainless steel is one of the best choices. So, here are a few tips to help you find the right stainless steel storage containers for kitchen.

Pick Durable Materials Kitchen Storage Containers 

When it comes to picking a kitchen storage containers set, you need to ensure that the material is durable and long-lasting. Glass containers are popular but glass is a fragile material that can chip and break easily. Similarly, ceramic containers crack and break easily. Plastic containers with clip-on lids are notorious for having the lids break off.

And, then there are stainless steel storage containers for kitchen. Stainless steel is a strong and durable material that will not break easily. Even if the container does drop, it is not likely to chip or even dent unless it is thrown with force.

Choose Kitchen Storage Containers That Will Not React With Food

Food safety is an important concern for every home cook. You want the material of your kitchen storage containers to be such that it does not react with the food it contains. This is one of the reasons why plastic is a poor choice for kitchen storage containers sets. Most plastics contain chemicals that will slowly leech onto the foodstuff contained in the jar. This also makes some metals like copper and brass unsuitable as materials for kitchen storage containers. Stainless steel is an inert material that doesn’t react with food stuff. This makes stainless steel jars the best kitchen storage containers.



Find Kitchen Storage Containers That Keep Food Safe

One of the other reasons for the popularity of steel storage containers for kitchen India is because these containers limit the exposure of food stuff to natural elements. They are airtight and hence keep bugs and ants out. The sealing nature of these containers also minimizes the exposure of food stuff to air and moisture. This keeps food from spoiling.

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Choose Kitchen Storage Containers Set With Varying Capacity

Cooking ingredients are available in packs of varying weights. For things like rice and wheat flour, 5kg stainless steel containers for food storage would be a good choice but when it comes to pasta and lentils, 1kg steel storage containers for kitchen India would be sufficient. Ideally, you want a uniform look for your kitchen and hence need to find kitchen storage containers with a design that is available in varying sizes. It would also be nice if these containers could be easily stacked or arranged side by side.

Pick Aesthetic Stainless Steel Storage Containers For Kitchen


Last but not least, you need to pick steel storage containers for kitchen India that look good in your kitchen. If you have a modern, modular kitchen, a matt finished set or painted steel containers are the ideal choice. If you have a more classic style preference, you could choose hammered steel containers or those with an etched floral design. When it comes to containers for staples like tea and sugar, you may want to look into labelled containers. For smaller spice cannisters, having a transparent lid is a good choice.

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In Conclusion

Every kitchen needs stainless steel containers in a range of sizes and capacities. You can buy kitchen containers in the local markets or online. The latter is much more convenient and opens doors to many more design options. That said, when you shop online, you must ensure that you shop from a reputable brand like Coconut.

Coconut offers a wide range of stainless steel containers and utensils for cooking and serving delicious meals. You can find stainless steel containers in many different sizes made from high-quality steel that is durable and long-lasting. There’s a wide variety of design options available too. This includes printed containers, matte or polished steel containers, containers with etched details, hammered steel containers, etc. The online shopping process itself is easy, quick and convenient. Once you’ve chosen a set of containers, you simply complete the checkout process and within a few days, your order will be delivered home to you.

Are square or round containers better?

Round kitchen storage containers are often preferred to square containers. The absence of corners makes them less likely to dent and thus more durable. The material at the edges and corners is most likely to weaken with time. Round containers also take up less space while storing the same amount of food as in square containers.

Which steel jars are best for kitchen storage?

When you’re looking for stainless steel containers for food storage, it is best to choose containers from a reputable brand. Look for contains made from high grade steel. When you shop from a brand you are also assured of durability and good designs.

Which container is best for the kitchen?

The best kitchen storage containers are those that are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is inert and thus will not react with any food material. It is also durable and long lasting. It can be molded into containers of varying sizes and designs thus making it easy to find a container that matches your kitchen aesthetic.

How do I choose a steel storage container?

When you’re looking for stainless steel containers for food storage, you should consider the size, grade of metal being used, design and brand. Of course, you need the containers to fit your budget but never let this be the biggest influencer for your decision.


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