Coconut Cooker Separator Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, 10 – litres (3 Containers with Lifter)- Diamater – 8.5 Inches, Stainless steel.


It is suitable for outer lid pressure cookers of 10 Litres or larger.

The cooker containers can be used to cook multiple food items at the same time like, rice , dals, vegetables which saves fuel while cooking and preserves the nutrients.

Product is made from thick guage 0.8mm stainless steel raw material which makes it 50% thicker than its competitive brands.

Product content: Coconut Stainless steel Cooker Separator 3 container outer LId cookware – 10 Litres (3 Separator with Lfiter).

Cooker separators also suitable for outer led butterfly and prestige cooker.

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