Coconut Stainless Steel Puttu Maker


  • This puttu maker is a attachment for Pressure cooker – The Puttu maker is to be kept on the steam vent of the cooker after removing the whistle. The steam which flows from the pressure cooker steams the batter to form cooked puttu
  • Puttu (rice cake) is a traditional dish from Kerala, Coconut brand puttu maker makes tubular rice cake from steaming, steam from pressure cooker flow upwards from the vent inside upper tubular container which has a fine mess which allows steam to escape upwards without the content flowing down
  • High grade stainless steel is used to make the product, which is completely food grade, free from rusting or cracking or pitting
  • Stainless steel is guaranteed for 10 years against cracking or rusting.
  • Heat resistant anti skid – bakelite handle and knob
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