Coconut Stainless Steel Dish Drainer / Bartan Basket / Kitchen Basket / Dish Basket / Dish Drainer Basket for Kitchen / Utensils Stand for Kitchen – 1 Unit (Dimension – 46 x 34 x 22cm)


Coconut Dish Draining Basket Rack is made of high quality stainless steel. This dish drainer basket solves out the essential part of kitchen organization by draining and storing all the washed utensils efficiently. To serve its purpose, it comes with water storing tray/drip tray. It ensures that the tiny and small items are drained differently from that of all other utensils. Apart from other types of racks available in the marketplace, kitchen rack for utensils is the heaviest of all. Packaging of this contains a stainless-steel rack stand for utensils. Product Dimensions – Length – 46cm, Width – 34cm, Height – 22cm. Weight – 1.505 Kg.

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