Coconut Stainless Steel Charminar Matt Finish Handi-Set of 4-1×4- Silver (Food Grade)


  • Package Contents 4 Piece Stainless Steel Handi Of Capacity 250 ML, 350 ML, 450 ML & 550 ML
  • Deimension : Handi 1 : Diameter : 12.5 CM, Handi 2 : Diameter : 13.5 CM, Handi 3 : Diameter : 15 CM, Handi 4 : Diameter 16 CM.
  • Compaq size makes it easy to store in kitchen cupboards. Easy to clean & maintain. When not in use, stack the smaller container inside bigger containers saving storage space. Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Fine Finish String Construction Made Using Best Grade Steel In-Tandem With Established Quality Standardseasy To Clean And Wash, They Have Very Exotic Silver Shining.
  • These Handi Set Have Enough Space For Cooking And Storing Milk, Tea, Vegetable Curries, Curd Etc. Looks Great with matte finish, Durable & Heavy Duty, Induction Compatible. Export Quality Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel, Deep Vessel Height Is Useful To Cook More Food. Available In Multiple Sizes According To Need Of Kitchen. Easy To Clean And Wash, They Have Very Exotic Silver Shining. Highly Durable And Made Of Fine Quality Stainless Steel.


These handi set have enough space for cooking and storing milk, tea, vegetable curries, curd. Looks great with matte finish, durable and heavy-duty, induction compatible, heavy-gauge stainless steel, deep vessel height is useful to cook more food. Available in multiple sizes according to need of kitchen. Easy to clean and wash, they have very exotic silver shining. Highly durable and made of stainless steel.

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