Coconut Pearl Du Pont Teflon Coated Non-Stick Dosa Tawa 280 mm – Metal Spoon Friendly (Food Grade)


  • Imported Teflon Coating from DU PONT , USA – No harmful chemicals or heavy metals , 100% Food Grade non stick coating
  • 3 Layer Top Coat from Du Pont , supports usage of metal spoons , coating is extra thick and lasts longer , coating comes with 13 months warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Base is made from pure aluminium , with 3 mm of thickness, pure aluminium helps is even spreading of heat and does not burn the food. Thick base helps the tawa from staying flat for longer
  • Riveted Handles , screw-less handles ensures product handle does not loosen or get removed till the end of product life, bakelite handle is heat resistant and anti skid.
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