Coconut Belly Pot – Nonstick Cooking Pot With Glass Lid (Induction Base)


  • Coconut Belly pot is made from virgin quality aluminium and has got thermal-shock proof glass lid which can be used with the cookware while cooking
  • Size – 20cm (approx) Storage capacity – 2000 ml (approx.), Thickness of 3 mm which helps in even spreading of heat and food does not burn , pure aluminium helps cook faster
  • Most ideal for cooking curries , rice , soups etc. Post cooking product can be used for serving on dining table which gives a elegant look.
  • Works on both induction stove and gas stove , attractive in design , easy to use , easy to clean .
  • Imported coating from Xylan , USA is free from any harmful chemicals or heavy metals like lead and is 100 % food grade , the product has a inner non stick coat of 3 layers and supports usage of metal spoons also .
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