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About Us


Who We Are?

Coconut – the brand is owned and operated by Mahesh Channel Partners LLP, Bengaluru. Coconut – The brand began its journey in the year 2015, the promoters family being in the business of kitchen and home utensils for nearly five decades, felt there were very few brands in the utensils category which were selling quality. Consumers were looking for trendy and quality products for their kitchen but had few choices. This is where the concept of Coconut striked, to fill the vacuum in availabilty of premium quality innovative products made for Indian homes. 
Whats in a Name ? Coconut
In Indian traditions all things auspicious begin with a coconut, this is where the name was derived from.
Kitchen ka Jeevan Sathi
Coconut products are built and designed with premium quality, made to last for a lifetime, Coconut products are designed with quality in mind, Coconut has done several tie-ups with brands like Teflon from DuPont, Xylan from Withford among others to enhance the quality of the final product.